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Do you want to contribute to the blog? We are always happy to receive guest posts, so please consider submitting one. You should be aware of a few guidelines before submitting your essay, though. Please carefully review our policies before getting in touch with us because we take them seriously:

English must be used when writing your content.

Please ensure your work is polished, thorough, and free of spelling or grammatical mistakes. We advise you to read it through at least three times.

Please let us know where you want any links you include to go. Although we allow do-follow links for all links, we must first validate them before publishing.

Under no circumstances do we allow affiliate links.

To save time, offer us a few ideas before submitting your post. We don’t just approve anything.

Although we write about soccer mostly, we are open to other subjects. Requests are welcome.

We typically judge articles based on their titles, but we can only promise publication after we have read the full work.

Unique stuff is accepted here. Please do not submit work that has been revised or rewritten. We carefully examine every submission for anything that has been plagiarized or stolen.

Although there is no minimum length restriction for content, we search for truly spectacular works.

Please consider your readers before search engines when writing.

Incorporate pictures and videos whenever you can.

Please include a brief biographical statement.

You can add tables, codes, graphs, or infographics if necessary. Even better, we can design special tools to improve your content.

Please inform us if you have read and comprehended the preceding instructions. We’ll do our best to reply as soon as we can. Please be aware that publishing your guest post may take several weeks if we approve it. We will give you more information once we have scheduled your piece for publication.

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